This is a sample post from Jabber to make sure that what I sent to radio-dev works correctly. The post was sent via Jabber, but the link, this paragraph, and the addition to the Jabber category was later done by hand.

Event Handling in

I've got basic event handling in the Jabber framework now; I've got messages and tommorow I'll add presence. After that, I think Dizzy will cry when he sees how short the presence monitoring code is from the user's end... >:-)

School and stuffJabber, Personal Commentary I am currently attending grad school, and have been for a year+ now. I still don't regret the decision to stay. Today I learned about the "dynamic programming" technique, which I'd heard a lot about, yet never fully understood. The presentation was clear, I came away understanding what it was about, and I really don't know if I could have read something as clearly as I understood the presentation.

Requiring connection references?Jabber I was seriously considering changing the Jabber verbs to use the first connection reference by default, and allow people to specify a connection reference if they want, instead of requiring it. But as I was writing this post, I realized that I couldn't then guarentee that the 'preferred connection' would not change in mid-script, depending on what other threads may be doing. Design exploration through documentation.

John Robb's commentJabber 'Jeremy Bowers (author of iRights) is doing great work on connecting Jabber to Radio. Lots of mind bombs here. Most of the IM crowd can't see beyond simple chat etc., but the real gold is in making connections possible. Connecting desktop Web apps is the future of Jabber.' The funny thing is, I don't even like IM. (Sorry, Jabber people!) Same reason I dread the day I have to get a cell phone.

Jabber presenceJabber I think I've got Jabber presence tracking in... now I need to think about the API for registering for messages and such. I think I'm going to take a permissive approach... rather then try to ensure that a given Jabber event goes to just one place, I'll allow multiple things to subscribe to Jabber events. Also, no matter how I slice it, there are several distinct kinds of events an entity may wish to subscribe to.

Jabber Framework InfoJabber This is a new category for the tracking of my development of the Jabber framework for Radio Userland. I will describe new features and tell about my progress as I go. There is an RSS file for just this channel: http://www.jerf.org/irights/categories/jabber/rss.xml