John Robb's commentJabber
'Jeremy Bowers (author of iRights) is doing great work on connecting Jabber to Radio. Lots of mind bombs here. Most of the IM crowd can't see beyond simple chat etc., but the real gold is in making connections possible. Connecting desktop Web apps is the future of Jabber.'

The funny thing is, I don't even like IM. (Sorry, Jabber people!) Same reason I dread the day I have to get a cell phone. I like communication, but on my terms. Checking email or my News Aggregator is enough, thanks. But the potential of using an IM system for IPC is wonderful, which is why I'm doing this stuff.

It makes me wonder if there's anyone at Microsoft analysing the possibilities of taking MSNMessenger and using that infrastructure for this sort of thing. Of course, that virtually REQUIRES allowing people to run their own servers, as Jabber does. (I bet if there's nobody there thinking about it now, there will be in three months.)

I think that Jabber is well on its way to becoming one of the major poster children of Open Source.