I've pushed two repos to GitHub with Go code:

  • gomempool (godoc): A []byte pool manager for Go. It's less generic than the Pool implementation that is working its way into Go tip, but also therefore understands more about []bytes, and is much simpler than the I-don't-even-know-what magic is in that implementation. It also tracks stats, which I've hooked up to my monitoring so I can see the usefulness of the pool in my real running code.
  • abtime (godoc): An abstract time library that removes your dependency on the OS time from the time module. I've now run into this problem at work in three forms; unfortunately one of them is in a module I plan on releasing someday and don't want a dependency on this module, but the other two can benefit from a standardized way of dealing with this. I had a semi-complete version of this in my local code base already, but I was inspired to bring it up to public spec by Moonpig.

Both libraries have 100% test coverage, and are golint and go vet clean.

There's more coming, but they're bigger than these. My supervisor tree library is nearly ready to go, but the requisite blog post explaining the design is still in progress. (It's big.) The library that implements Erlang-style mailboxes, including the ability to cluster together machines and send messages across the cluster the way Erlang does, is still in progress. (I have just barely started the clustering.) My current plan is to lock down and stabilize the system this is being written for in the single-server case, then implement this clustering.

I wouldn't mention it, except that Google does not seem inclined to index these without some form of external link. GitHub permits external indexing of the master branch of projects but I think perhaps their robots.txt forbids the scraping necessary to find unlinked projects. Hopefully this fixes that.