(A not-quite twitterable bug report for @Netflixhelps:) Setting family controls on the XBox 360 (system-level preference) to G correctly causes unrated content or content rated higher than G to display the locked-out icon. In the previous version, navigating to one of them and pressing A would prompt for the family password, then unlock all the covers. You'd have to enter the family code again to watch. In this version, if you navigate to a locked folder and press A, you get the family code entry, but upon successful entry you immediately begin watching the selected video. There appears to be no way to unlock the covers. Combined with the new delay before showing the name of the video at the bottom of the screen and it has become very frustrating to navigate.

As a proper bug report:

  1. On a running XBox, press the XBox button on the controller to bring up the 5-pane menu (that has not changed in this update). Press right twice to get to "Settings" and enter Family Settings.
  2. Turn Content Controls "On".
  3. Create a passcode on this screen.
  4. In Ratings and Content, set the Movie and TV rating to PG and TV-PG.
  5. Save and Exit
  6. Go to the Netflix Application.
  7. Find a cover that is locked out and select it. (There should be plenty around.)
  8. Press A and enter the family code correctly.

Expected result: All locked-out covers unlock and become visible, no videos start. Family code entry still required to begin a video (though I would not be upset if that was no longer necessary).

Actual result: The chosen video begins playing immediately.

You can email me at jerf@jerf.org if you need more information, though I don't check that very often.