A little hobby of mine has been quickly scanning over the spam that gets past my filter for random names that coincidentally managed to be someone I recognize. Sometimes I even scan the spam folder itself. I've read many thousands of names over the past few months, but today I have what may be my first hit: Sgt. George Lucas is in desperate need of assistance during his Iraq deployment, presumably something that involves large sums of money being transferred out of my bank account.

Not 100% this is random, but I'm still amused.

Also, I do love the random name algorithms that casually mix ethnicities without any regard for the likelihood of the resulting name. Certainly multiple-ethnicity names exist, I can come up with many people I know off the top of my head, but it seems like there's a botnet using an algorithm where half the names come out like "Hong Patel" or something, and it's just not plausible that half my email comes from names like that. Completely wrong distribution.