Oh, and what's up with this "true conservative"/"true liberal"/"true libertarian" crap?

Is there anybody who uses this phrase and doesn't simply mean "truly agreeing entirely with me?"

I have a sort of mental translation table I use to decode what people really mean; my classic example is "free" -> "paid for", which works pretty well. I've recently added "X is not a true Y" -> "I am an arrogant twit which can't conceive of the idea that I might not be entirely correct in my views", and it seems to be working out pretty well too.

(Note the tone is important; there's usually an implicit "and for that alone, you must not vote for them" on the end of the statement. If, perchance, someone takes the time to at least lay out a definition of Y for the purpose of argument, then it can be legit in that context. But that's not what happens.)