I finally have a job, a real job, though I don't start until May 9th. For a while after that I will have an overlap between my real job and my last contract job, but after that, I hope to finally have some time to spend with a clear conscience on my open source projects that I want to work on, especially Iron Lute which has been seriously neglected (though not quite ignored).

In Iron Lute news, in the intervening years since I last analysed the graphical toolkits for whether I can build an outliner with them, GTK has become possible to use without too much hassle. Since this is about the fifth time I've switched major ways of doing business on the GUI front, I've got the independent stuff pretty well factored out, and it's going well. I got TK to a point that was almost satisfactory, but the graphical performance was poor; the node indicators (the thing you see to the left of each node) were getting painted in a seperate pass from the text, so while scrolling or doing other things, it looked horrible. GTK doesn't have that problem, and at this point I don't anticipate any other major problems.

XBLinJS is about ready for a 0.5 release pending me getting off my duff and testing and fixing it up on IE 6, which should happen soonish, but no promises.

Here's hoping the job lasts a while.