XBLinJS Version 0.3 Released

XBLinJS version 0.3 is released; get it at SourceForge.

A demo page is available, though at the moment I think it will still only impress serious Javascript programmers.

For people who don't really care about XBLinJS per se, but do care about web development issues, you may wish to check out my dangerously-close-to-rant statements about my experiences with Mozilla's technologies. (The only things saving them from being a rant is that I propose that XBLinJS, or at least something like it, is a solution to the issues I raise; I tend to think of rants as things with little or no constructive value.) This is why an XBLinJS release announcement is posted also on my blog's front page.

(I've already found a new bug in the .3 release; inherited className values can't be retrieved correctly with .get(). However, since AFAIK 0 people are using this library, I'm not going to make a new release for that one. Use the CVS if it ever becomes a problem for you.)