Government Myths - Introduction and Index

This post is an introduction and will serve as an index to a series of posts I am doing on myths about the United States Govermental system. It was one post but it grew too long.

It is an important series because the myths I will be addressing are very widespread, and many of them are quite damaging.


  1. The US Is A Two Party System, Not A Coalition System
  2. The US is Formally A Two-Party System
  3. The Purpose Of Voting Is To Determine A Winner
  4. My Vote Doesn't Count

    Interlude: Making Sense Of The 2004 Election

  5. "Liberal" and "Conservative" Have Some Sort Of Meaning
  6. Third Parties Are Useless and You Waste Your Vote With Them
  7. The Two-Party System Has No Redeeming Characteristics
  8. Democracy Means I Always Get My Way
  9. Checks And Balances Being Used Implies Broken Government