US Congress declares "genocide" in Darfur, Sudan

Hopefully you've heard about the genocide in Darfur by now.

I am considering this a yardstick to measure the sincerity and validity of all of those international organizations so quick to condemn the US and so slow to do, well, anything else.

So to the UN, and everybody else who wants to claim the moral high ground on the international stage, I have something to say, if you'll pardon the language:

Fucking do something, you international putzes.

Or shut the hell up about the US. The US has the audacity to actually enforce UN resolutions and semi-suddenly we're a pariah. While you are congratulating each other on how moral you are, people are dying.

And for how brave you are for standing up to the US (especially those of you under the protection of the First Amendment), people are dying.

While you are patting each other on the back, people are dying.

This is the sort of thing I'm talking about:

the US Congress - in a non-binding vote - called the Darfur crisis a "genocide". The UN and the White House have so far avoided that label, which would entail an international duty to step in.... Amnesty International said crimes against humanity were being committed, but it could not confirm that they complied with the definition of genocide.... A 1948 UN convention says the international community must prevent and punish acts it has declared as genocide. [Ed: This explains the reluctance to call this what it is; then the law says they have to do something above and beyond toungue clucking.]

(Emphasis mine.) Waffle, waffle, waffle. Legalistic wrangling to avoid doing anything. Easier just to bitch at the US, non?

This is, as far as I am concerned, the UN's last chance to justify its existance. If nothing happens, or the US has to take care of it essentially by itself, or if God-forbid the US has to take care of it in defiance of the screechings of the UN, then what fading respect and hope I might have for those instituitions, and those who profess a higher morality than the US, will be gone.

This is your chance. Show us dirty, evil, nasty, rotten, heartless Conservatives that you can take down an evil government too (or at least shelter some people from it; I favor a Darfur secession... 'course, I'm one of those dastardly neo-con types that has higher standards for what constitutes a country than "lines on a map"). Show us how to do it "right". Earn some respect instead of spending it.

(This post is deliberately inflammatory. I really mean the previous paragraph. Show me. And along the way, you might just discover that you can't wave a wand and everything is magically perfect... if you actually do something you might just find out that the complications in Iraq can't be avoided 100%. Perhaps this is why you are scared to do anything, you know you can't meet the unrealistic expectations you've set for Iraq? Maybe you won't even be able to meet the US's performance...? Show me.)