There seems to be some buggy Spam software out there. There's this one spammer (or one spamming program) that is using my Michigan State University account, and many other MSU accounts as well. It's trying to "personalize" the spam by including the email address in the spam. In this case my email address is "bowersj2", so it's not particularly compelling, but hey, it's a fair try, right?

Thing is, I keep getting spam addressed to "bowman". It even says "bowman" on the To: line, so I'm not even sure how I'm getting it. (I must be bcc'ed or something.)

Also, there's a spammer who keeps using my Computer Science account from school (also "bowersj2"), but I keep getting spam sent to and personalized for "albeepau" instead of the correct "bowersj2".

Come on, this kind of templating system has been a solved problem for decades now. Who's so incompetent they can't even write that much correctly? Stupid spammers.