Followup to "Damn DRM!"

A follow-up to Damn DRM!, in which I refused to buy a book explicitly because of DRM issues: Rob Tsuk suggested in a comment that I try the Palm version of "A Fire Upon The Deep", as there is a Windows-(and Mac-)based reader available, which probably wouldn't have the licensing provisions I objected to.

I have tried this, and it worked. I was worried that the PC-based reader might not read encrypted content, but it does. And the EULA was quite standard, so no objections. I ordered A Fire Upon the Deep: Special eBook edition from Peanut Press, and it's working fine. I haven't gotten past the prolog yet, so I don't yet know if it was worth it, but I'll post a follow-up.

Thanks, Rob Tsuk.

It would be worth your time to browse around that site. There are quite a lot of books available, at least in the sci-fi area. I was pleasently surprised by the selection.