The CBDTPA is Immune to Criticism

I don't like to chime in on a topic unless I have something interesting to say; that's part of the reason I don't add many entries to iRights per day. But a couple nights ago, I woke up in the middle of the night, and happened to have a thought about the CBDTPA that I think might be very importent to those fighting it. It's a long thought, though, so I'll link you to The CBDPTA is Immune to (Conventional) Criticism. Hopefully, you'll find it not only interesting, but mind expanding.

"The more we debate against this bill, the more we marginalize ourselves.... The content industry raises their arguments, and progress their cause. We raise our counter-arguments, based on appeals to absurd results, and in the process, progress their cause all the further.... They can't lose!"