XP and VNC

The title article is causing a brouhaha about MS licensing practices. Given my reading of the license, I'm wondering if it really means what people are interpreting it to mean. Looking forward to the MS correction, which is likely to come sometime this week.;-)

You might want to see what VNC is. It's a very useful tool to know about. Also, there's rdesktop for various UNIX flavors that allow connection to RDP servers, including the one in XP Pro. In fact, I'm using it to post this message.

(Interesting Google tidbit... a while back I searched for "terminal services client linux" looking for what rdesktop is, but I had the hardest time finding it. iRights is no Yahoo.com, but Google does appreciate it, so I gave it a link, hoping to boost the rating so it would come up sooner. It seems I was successful, rdesktop.org is now the top hit for that search string. Look at the reverse links; only one higher. Another Google success.)